Tales of the Seven Seas Basic Information

Permission to come aboard!!

We're glad that you are interested in Tales of the Seven Seas! We are always very glad to welcome new members aboard! This page will give you a brief description of the group. If you have any questions, Please email me at the link below

Tall Ship Events

We sail regularly aboard the tall ship 'Royaliste' under Captain Gary Bergman. Sailing with the Royaliste can involve anything from sea battles, to public appearances, to barbeques, to firing the ship's deck guns at delighted tourists! The Royaliste is privately owned and does not do charter sails for the public. However, the ship frequently participates in both public and private events with Tales of the Seven Seas. Please EMAIL me for more information about the Royaliste. New pirates who wish to participate in sailing events should be aware that space is quite limited on the ship and pirates who are not part of the working crew are selected on a first come, first served basis. So respond quickly to notification of sailing events. We occasionally work with visiting tall ships, sometimes greeting them upon their arrival from the Royaliste, engaging in mock sea battles or greeting guests at the pier.


We do several parades throughout the year, such as Carnaval San Francisco, the St. Patricks Day Parade in Dublin CA, the Peninsula Celebration Association's 4th of July Parade in Redwood City and the San Jose Holiday Parade in downtown San Jose which opens Christmas in the Park.

We have our own pirate ship parade float, The Land Shark and our parade contingent has won several awards in recent parades. Generally we have a large crew of pirates, with some on the Land Shark and others on foot, interacting with the crowds along the parade route.

Faires and Festivals

We frequently participate in faires and festivals of all types. We have our own pirate camp, which consists of a large canvas tent and a wide variety of piratical props. Occasionally, we even bring the Land Shark! We also have a network of pirate-themed service providers that can be called upon for large-scale events.

History Presentations, Children's Storytimes and Volunteer Work

We do pirate history presentations fully costumed, for adult and children's groups. Presentations on pirate history and of the ships beneath the streets of San Francisco are available.

We do children's pirate storytime readings fully costumed at public libraries and other events. We can read any pirate book you like or make suggestions to help you choose an appropriate story for your age group.

We're always happy to benefit charitable and community organizations. Please contact me for further info on volunteer pirates.

Private Parties, Birthdays and more

We custom tailor our appearances at private parties so that it is just right for your event, whether it is a large-scale event with several thousand people, or a small birthday party for just a few kids. Every event is a unique adventure for us. We have led children on treasure hunts, raided homes and schools, 'kidnapped' delighted 'victims' and have even had a few plank-walkings!


Some of our events involve skits or performances. We have performed skits for events such as the Hampton Blackbeard Festival, the Pirates of the Barbary Coast Circus Show, the Bay Area Discovery Museum Lookout Cove opening and the south bay media premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean. Event coordinators may choose to involve optional choreographed sword battles, blackpowder flintlocks and muskets, or even buckets of water!! Event coordinators, please be advised that performances require several weeks advance notice for planning and rehersals. Pirates, we welcome your talents and ideas! Participation in performances is always voluntary.


We are very easy going on the costuming. Some of our members choose to do historically accurate costuming and others choose to be 'storybook' pirates, which are often more easily recognizable. We don't portray a particular era of history and we enjoy having a variety of types of pirates. Tales of the Seven Seas is a fun-loving and easy-going group. We have a large variety of loaner costumes available for those who need to borrow costumes or props for one of our events. See our Costuming Page for tips on how to create a pirate costume and our Links Page for links to perveyors of pirate costuming supplies.

Children and Piracy

We welcome kids at almost all of our events. The only exceptions to that are sailing events and events at locations limited to ages 21 and over. Due to the dangers of live weaponry, slippery decks and deep water, we cannot bring children under the age of 16 aboard the Royaliste. Children are welcome on tall ship events when the ships are docked at a pier or approved for the general public.


There are no dues or fees to pay to join Tales of the Seven Seas. If there is an entrance fee for an event, such as a contingent fee for a parade, I pay for that. Normally, your only expense is to pay for your own meals at an event. Costuming can be accomplished either very economically, or lavishly, depending upon your tastes. We have loaner gear and props to help pirates who are just starting out or who are on a budget. Please visit our costuming page for help in creating a costume and our links to pirate costuming merchants Event coordinators, please see the cost and volunteer information HERE.

How to Participate in an Event

Drop me an email to let me know you'd like to be a part of Tales of the Seven Seas. I'll add you to the email list and keep you posted about upcoming events. You can also check our Events Page When an event comes up that you'd like to participate in, just drop me an email to let me know you are coming and let me know if you'll need assistance with costuming or if you'd like to carpool etc. Some pirates only participate in occasional events, while others become loyal crew, who attend events with us on a regular basis.

Ready to Join?!!

Please fill out this brief information form No information will be shared and all information is kept private. It simply gives me a way to contact you and provides an easy way for you to update your information at any time.

Contact Info

Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions. Email is the best way to reach me. talesofthesevenseas@hotmail.com, but you're also welcome to contact me at 408-360-0840 xt 225 or 831-338-9169 I'm always happy to answer any questions you may have.


Claire Britton-Warren,
Founder and Event Coordinator of Tales of the Seven Seas